Back in the Capital City


After spending Monday-Thursday in production review in Blantyre, we resumed filming today in Lilongwe with Harry Gibbs, a key figure in Malawian entertainment and music promotion. His activities range from organizing Malawi’s annual international music festival, the Lake of Stars, to owning and operating Lilongwe’s premier venue, Umunthu Theatre.

Umunthu Theatre, Lilongwe

Umunthu Theatre, Lilongwe

He was able to give us his take on Lilongwe’s music scene while showing us around his newly opened theatre. Harry opened Umunthu last year, aiming to attract both national and international artists by providing unparalleled sound and lighting quality. Judging by our tour, he’s accomplished just that. We’re fortunately going to see the Black Missionaries at Umunthu next weekend, so we’ll be able to see Malawi’s new performance standard for ourselves.

Additionally, Harry pointed us in the direction of the Makambale Brothers, the capital city’s very own traditional music quartet. So, we gave them a call and arranged a recording session for tomorrow afternoon. Also, tomorrow night, Kenny and the Sangalala Band are playing another Deep Roots promotional gig at Chameleon’s Bar, a stylish venue for musicians, poets and comedy groups in Lilongwe. Stay with us for more. Ciao.


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