The Wheels Got Tired


Saturday morning, we caught up with the Makambale Brothers, one of Lilongwe’s most talented groups of traditional musicians. Their unique sound, born from oil-can guitars and bottle-cap cymbals, screams Malawian. We recorded three songs with them, hoping to produce a music video from our short session with them. Afterwards, we were so impressed with their sound that we invited them to open up for the Sangalala Band at Saturday night’s show at Chameleon’s. The show was yet another promotional gig for Deep Roots, and Kenny once again dazzled the audience with his high-tempo stage presence.

Makambale Brothers, Lilongwe

Makambale Brothers, Lilongwe

Yesterday (Sunday) morning, we packed up the Land Rover to drive back to Blantyre, only to make it 10km outside Lilongwe before running into clutch problems. So, it looks as though we’re stuck in the capital city for the week, which isn’t such a bad proposition, as we have plenty of interviews here to keep us occupied. Additionally, Lilongwe is hosting an international music competition this weekend, Music Crossroads. So for our purposes, we’re stuck in Lilongwe during the best week of the year possible.

Today we met with Peter Malata, a well-known Malawian fusion artist. He launched his career as a reggae musician in the mid-1990s, but has since pioneered the effort to blend traditional Malawian beats with contemporary sounds. He, along with his brother Jerry (among others), recently started the Mabingu Band, an experiment delving into the cultural roots of the music associated with Gule Wamkulu

Jerry, who has been initiated into the Gule tradition in the past two years, has been given permission by the society to popularize some of the inner-elements of their music. He and Mabingu Band thus represent the first effort to incorporate the tradition’s music into the Malawian mainstream. We listened to some of the music they’re currently in the studio recording, and the results are sounds that I’ve never been exposed to before—gems waiting to be uncovered.

Jerry (left) & Peter (center) Malata

Jerry (left) & Peter (center) Malata

So, we’re back with Ken’s family tonight, where we’ll be for the remainder of the week. On tap for us in the next couple days are interviews with Peter Mwangwa, the Black Missionaries, Konga Vibes, Body, Mind & Soul, Lester Mwathunga, Harry Gibbs, Rhythm of Life Records, Music Crossroads International, and more, so stick around….


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