Music as an Instrument for Change


Today we had the wonderful opportunity to sit down with both Peter Mwangwa and his record label, Rhythm of Life. Mwangwa, one of Malawi’s most prominent fusion artists, has made a name for himself in the last decade by combining indigenous Malawian rhythms with international standard recordings to produce uniquely Malawian sounds. Surprisingly, he has found the majority of his audience not within Malawi, but overseas. This highlights a common phenomenon in Malawi, where frequently, many prominent Malawian musicians find success first internationally before becoming recognized in their own home.

Most recently, Mwangwa has turned his attention toward philanthropy and social activism, founding Talents of the Malawian Child (TMC), a program designed to empower the forgotten children of Malawi orphaned by HIV. He works with these young people to teach, form and develop music groups. He records and produces their work, markets their albums and organizes performances for them. The proceeds of the albums go to pay the orphans’ school fees and purchase their clothing.

Rhythm of Life Records

Rhythm of Life Records

Rhythm of Life, a UK based NGO, strives to use music as an instrument of change to empower youth. In Malawi, they support a range of programs, including young artist development, professional recording services and support for Mwangwa’s TMC. They gave a number of insights into the challenges facing aspiring young musicians, from inadequate financial resources to production, promotion and distribution obstacles.

Over the next two days, we’ll be filming some of the best young talent southern Africa has to offer at the Music Crossroads International festival. Stick around to hear more…


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