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The Trailer, Lake of Stars & The Future

September 17, 2008

We’ve spent the better part of the past two weeks readjusting in Namibia and scrambling to get together a trailer to be screened at the Lake of Stars festival in Malawi next month. We’re going over film in Windhoek this week before returning to Rundu next Friday to turn all the content over to our editor, Cedar Wolf. From there, we’ll spend the better part of three weeks working to cut things down before heading back to Malawi the first of October for the Lake of Stars.

In addition to the production updates, we have a couple of key developments for the Deep Roots concept. We are currently speaking with several Malawian businesses to solicit corporate sponsorship and make the leap from Deep Roots as a film to Deep Roots as a registered Malawian music/film production and promotion company. We’ll keep everyone posted as the talks progress, but we hope to coordinate and film at least two music and cultural events in Malawi next year under the Deep Roots banner.

Also, we are happy to welcome the first member of Deep Roots’ staff. Sophia Brillant (, Deep Roots’ new project manager, is responsible for artist development, advertising, promotion, PR, blog management and registration of the business in Malawi. If you have any comments, suggestions or questions regarding our projects, please contact Sophia.

More to come soon, so stay with us.


Deep Roots back in the Studio

September 3, 2008

After five days of overland travel from Malawi to Namibia, it feels good to be home. The workload piles up during eight weeks of neglected correspondence, but slowly we’re catching up on everything. In the process, we’ve coordinated an exciting development.

In addition to screening Deep Roots for the press at the Lake of Stars festival, we’re hoping to schedule a show in the festival’s line-up. This Deep Roots Malawi time-slot would feature some of the talent we uncovered while filming, including performances by Charles Mkanthama, Gasper Nali and the Makambale Brothers. Also, we’re looking to bring up several marimba players from southern Malawi’s Lower Shire Valley.

More details are forthcoming, so stay with us!