Lake of Stars 2008


Lake of Stars 2008 was incredible!!! The Deep Roots team reunited in beautiful Senga Bay, Malawi for three days of music and dance, hoping to collect some great interviews and live performance footage from some of Malawi’s finest musicians. The set up of the festival was brilliant. The stage was built on the beach into a massive rock formation, a smaller and yet still impressive stage similar to that of Red Rocks amphitheater. So, festival-goers could listen and dance while swimming in the lake.

The Lake of Stars music festival in Senga Bay, Malawi

Our relationship with the festival organizers gave us on-stage and backstage access to the musicians, meaning we were able to get exactly what we needed for Deep Roots. This included live performances and interviews with Joseph Tembo, the Black Missionaries, Tay Grin, Lucius Banda, Billy Kaunda, the Makambale Brothers and Body, Mind & Soul just to name a few.

Feeling the rhythm

Feeling the rhythm

Also, because Lake of Stars is a young and growing music festival, it has maintained its warm, intimate feel. Performers and spectators interacted, and several performers during the weekend collaborated to do impromptu acoustic jam sessions right on the beach, inviting anyone who could sing or play to join in. It was a pretty special environment, and we felt more connected to music than we have in a very long time listening to those jam sessions on the beach.

Sunday morning gospel

Sunday morning gospel

There were probably about 3,000 people in attendance at the festival, most all who were camping on the grounds. Lake of Stars is truly an international music festival, as throughout the weekend we met people from at least 30 different countries. Many of the people were from the U.K., but there were also many Malawians there, as well as Canadians, Americans, and people from other parts of western Europe. Regardless of where they came from, we met wonderful people, listened to phenomenal music and took in the beauty of this beautiful corner of the world. We can’t wait for LOS 2009!


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