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Recording Schedule Set

June 27, 2008

With Kenny and Waliko already in Malawi, the remainder of the crew flies into Blantyre tomorrow. From there, we have several days of pre-departure preparation before heading out into the field. For now, here’s our tentative recording schedule:


8 July 2008 Arrival of Crew
9 July 2008 Production meeting
10 July 2008 Recording at Che Somba village – Blantyre Rural
11 July 2008 Recording at Che Somba village -Blantyre Rural
12 July 2008 Recording in Mangochi
13 July 2008 Recording in Lilongwe- Gule Wankulu
14 July 2008 Recording in Lilongwe- Acoustic music
15 July 2008 Recording in Blantyre (Lucius Banda, Black Missionaries)
16 July 2008 Recording in Blantyre (TV Malawi, MBC Radio)
17 July 2008 Recording in Blantyre (Capital FM, Zodiak Radio)
18 July 2008 Recording in Blantyre (Ben Michael, miscellaneous)
19 July 2008 Recording in Cape Maclear (Gecko Lounge
20 July 2008 Recording in Blantyre (J&D Records)
21 July 2008 Production review in Blantrye
22 July 2008 Production review in Blantrye
23 July 2008 Production review in Blantrye
24 July 2008 Production review in Blantrye
25 July 2008 Travel to Lilongwe
26 July 2008 Recording in Mzimba (Ingoma & Vimbuza)
27 July 2008 Recording in Mzuzu- Wambali
28 July 2008 Recording in Mzuzu
29 July 2008 Travel to Nkhata Bay
30 July 2008 Recording in Nkhata Bay
31 July 2008 Travel to Blantyre
28 July 2008 Production Review meeting in Blantyre
1-8 August2008 Recording in Lilongwe
9-10 August 2008 Editing- Post production in Blantyre

Please email me at if you have any questions, and please, let us know your thoughts or suggestions! Cheers.


Deep Roots Welcomes Waliko Makhala

May 15, 2008

We are happy to announce that Waliko Makhala, TV Malawi’s Chief Producer, has joined the production team for Deep Roots Malawi. Currently, Waliko schedules air-play and archives material for TV Malawi programs and produces Zakwathu, a popular series exploring the cultural heritage of Malawi.

Therefore, Deep Roots Malawi will be a featured news source as part of the Zakwathu series in 2008. Before joining TV Malawi, Waliko worked as a professional ethnomusicologist for the Malawian Department of Cultural Affairs from 1986-1999 .

A skilled guitarist, vocalist and master of the traditional Malawian mouth bow, he is a staple of Blantyre’s live music scene. Waliko’s life devotion has been the preservation of Malawian cultural heritage, so he is excited to join the Deep Roots team and bring Malawian culture to a global audience.

Deep Roots Malawi is now official

April 15, 2008

We are excited to announce that, in conjunction with Kenny Gilmore, Promote Africa is producing an album and recording a documentary in Malawi from July – August 2008. Gilmore, born in Kenya and raised in Malawi, released the album Ngati Mafunde in Malawi in January 2006. The title-track remained on top of the Malawian billboards for four months in early 2006, giving Gilmore immediate recognition in Malawian recording circles. This upcoming summer, Gilmore and Promote Africa plan to record a follow-up to Ngati Mafunde.

According to Gilmore, “I want to make an album of strictly traditional material ….Having been raised in the region, I feel strongly that the musical heritage is being lost and needs to be preserved and promoted….I want to get a varied compilation to accurately photograph different styles and want to focus on secular individual musicians and small groups.”

Promote Africa’s executive director Benjamin Cobb will produce the film and album in Malawi this summer. In the meantime, Promote Africa’s staff is organizing distribution channels for the album’s fall release throughout southern Africa.